I LOVE Cycling!

Two road bikes leaning against a birch tree with the sun shining

Two Bikes. A tree. The Beach…True Love

I LOVE cycling!

I do! It’s really true. I love riding my bike and I’m enjoying this whole journey of becoming involved in the cycling world.

And I’m a woman. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but both the sport, the recreational love, and the commuting are pretty male-dominated.

So, here’s my blog. A place for me to talk about my experiences with cycling. A place for me to comment about the world of cycling. And a place for me to post cool pictures.

Hopefully someone out there enjoys it!


3 responses to “I LOVE Cycling!

  1. Hey there! I also love cycling so can appreciate your excitement about becoming a cyclist. It would be great to get more people feeling the same.
    I find it really interesting the way women start to identify themselves as ‘cyclists’ as they get into cycling. Being a women and a cyclist is statistically a unique thing (i.e. there aren’t many of us out there). Because of this, it feels like something to set us apart from others; something of your own to enjoy. Nice to read your blog.

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I always find talking about identity to be an interesting topic! Perhaps I will write about that, in particular, someday!

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