Funds For A Bike

i love finding money in my clothes. it's like a gift to me, from me

I need this to happen like 100x in the next few months………… (source)

Mountain Bikes are, apparently, expensive. We both want need one. J is the self-appointed expert of the two of us on what features we must have. Apparently, the price is at about $500-600.00 each. It’s still up in the air whether we will purchase a whole bike, or if he is going to build them (he built his cyclocross bike, SpYder X). But we are still looking at that price range, regardless.

No MOM. I can't just use my mountain bike for cyclocross

exactly (source)

The problem is, we are both broke ass students. Our parents don’t have much money to help us, either. And, even if J’s parents did, his mom has a major problem with him cycling (that’s a WHOLE other story) and refuses to give him money (even for birthday gifts) if she suspects it’ll go to his “bike obsession.”

…Anyway. So that means we have just about zero dollars to spend on bikes. Whatever we get will be over our “budget” (that we really don’t keep track of…). It doesn’t help that, of course, other things are starting to shut down…like our computer and car. So yea…

Operation Liquidate
Therefore, we have commenced “operation liquidate.” We’ve been brainstorming all the possible things we can sell and how to sell it. We just need the energy to put the plan into action. Hopefully, we will have two new bikes by the Spring!

Wish us luck, and if people have any tips, I’m all ears (err…technically eyes, I guess)!!


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