Physical therapy joy ride

 “Should I be doing anything in between sessions?” I ask.

“Just focus on your posture.”she responds.

Sigh. Big sigh. Triple Sigh. “she” is my physical therapist.

I’ve been in PT for just a little while now and it’s been a weird experience. Massages (I’ve NEVER received a massage before this), ultrasounds, electrical therapy, being taped up…It’s quite an experience.

I am not in PT for a specific injury. My minor, but chronic, upper back pain just got to me and I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to live a life without pain. I think it started in high school, with my heavy backpacks and the beginning of my sit-your-ass-down-and-type career.

woman saying 'gives a whole new meaning to back to school' with daughter carrying heavy backpack

Why did teachers insist we bring our textbooks to class, anyway? (source: here)

I never really took care of my back and that continued until adulthood–an office job, more school, and more computer use.

Then add cycling on a road bike. Plus a partner who insisted on the most aero position possible. I never went full aero, but I also didn’t prioritize safe back positioning. I guess I should be more impressed that I lasted so long without a serious problem!

So here I am…doing my double-chin stretches and squeezing my shoulders together throughout the day. Stretching my neck this way and that. And silently laughing to myself while people stare at my kinesio tape peeking through my shirt.

I will trust in this process–things will be better if I do this. I sure hope it’s sooner rather than later, though.


8 responses to “Physical therapy joy ride

  1. Hope you will use a bike pannier on a rear bike save your back. Going far on a bike will be way more pleasant! And you will be able to tow along quadruple the amount of weight.

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!!!

      I currently don’t commute with my bike and rarely carry anything (besides the essentials like a water bater, phone, ID, cash, & power bar of some sort). Even just a poor position on your bike without weight can do some damage!

  2. I used to get a bit of lower back pain. Not enough to be serious, just enough to be irritating. It went completely when I started sitting on a gym ball rather than an office chair. Great for core strength as well but you either need an understanding boss, or to be working from home!

    • Thank you for commenting! It’s amazing how many people have back pain!

      And, YES! I LOVE my gym ball. Yes yes, it’s definitely helped. Unfortunately, I start cheating and slouch…that’s my problem. The perpetual slouch 😦 But, PT is helping and all the back exercises that I’m doing are working miracles! Yay for physical therapists!

  3. We therapists (yup I am a PT), are sometimes a dime a dozen,,, sounds like you found a good one. The hardest lesson is to take “it” from the mat, the floor and the exercise ball into life. Pick things you do everyday (like flossing, sitting at red lights, waiting on the phone on hold) and use those recurrent moments to apply the lessons. Even, especially on the bike, breathe and feel what is comfy. Sometimes a 1/4″ change is super. Mt Bikes offer lots of on/off seat, forward/back sliding for climbs etc. Enjoy, be healthy! love to chat more

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! Yes I definitely need to get back into these stretches. My back is hurting again because I really haven’t been taking care of it…sigh!

  4. I never realized until my 50’s how important yoga would become. I’m terrible at it but it sure helps. If only I knew then what I know now….

    • Good to know!! I have been paranoid because my mom has a bulging disc and her PT told her that yoga can aggravate or even cause them! My PT said thats not true. And I love yoga 😦 so it’s been confusing to know which advice to follow!

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