first cyclocross race prep

Time’s Up! Next Stop: The Race

close up of cyclocross tire full of mud

First ever practice on a trail: Appropriately muddy

That’s it. It’s over. Today was the day before the race. That’s all J had left to practice, for real, with his ‘cross bike–SpYder X (silent X). He hasn’t had much time to get ready. The first step was to put the new wheel and ‘cross tires on him (he previously had road tires) and the crank. Or, maybe he did that in reverse order, I wasn’t paying attention like our pup was–maybe I should ask him.

cyclocross bike in background with cattle dog staring at camera

Our pup keeping guard as J sets up SpYder X with new wheels

But pretty soon, SpYder X was all ready to go and get tested on real terrain. J hooked him up to the car and away they went. Only later did J realize I snapped this “creeper picture,” as he called it.

After about an hour or so he returned with a goofy smile. It was fading away, perhaps as the realization that he would have no more chance to practice, but it was there just the same. And SpYder X came back looking like he had a fun time as well.

close up of cyclocross bike crank

J’s ‘cross bike crank, brand spankin’ new

close up of cross bike crank and chain

‘cross bike drive train

cyclocross bike

SpYder X (the X is silent, thank you very much)

So that’s it. Here is the sum total of J’s experience:

  • One night of practice dismounting on the trainer, on road tires (approx. 10 minutes)
  • One night of practice dismounting & remounting on a grassy hill, in the misty rain, on road tires (approx. 15 minutes)
  • One day of practice on a dirt trail, on ‘cross tires (approx. 1 hour)

And he’s off to enter his first ‘cross race tomorrow morning (oh, it’s past midnight right now, so that’s officially TODAY). Can’t wait!


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