I cried today

I didn’t anticipate it. I had no warning. But, today, I cried.

No, I didn’t stub my toe.

It wasn’t because I heard a sad story on the news this morning.

And I didn’t see a sad commercial about starving children or abused pets.

No. I cried for a completely illegitimate and ridiculous reason. I cried because while at the Starbucks drive thru morning, right after Jason ordered our pumpkin spice lattes, he turned and said:

Oooh…They already put up the ads for the next holiday drinks. Looks like pumpkin spice wont be around much longer.Ā 

Time stopped. The sky grew dark. And my mouth dropped open.

But no words escaped. My body was still, save for a few tiny tear drops that slowly made their way from the corner of my eye and down my cheek.

Because there is NO OTHER OPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, I immediately felt ridiculous and could not understand why I had such an emotional reaction to something so trivial.

I think it is a sign that my pumpkin spice latte habit may be a coping mechanism for me. I think these lattes are a replacement for bike riding. An unhealthy replacement, but a replacement all the same.


6 responses to “I cried today

  1. Lately our tears have come from the pure beauty of rivers…or the kindness like when a campground manager refunded our fee as an investment in our trip. We do however brew a mean cup in our Tramper, insisting on half-and-half in the dark bliss. join us someday…we’ll be posting a loose itinerary and welcome visits/shared rides (mostly Mountain).
    – David

    • A much better, and more profound, reason to cry =) and that sounds delicious! A shared ride would be such a treat! Good to know you’ll be posting about that, I’ll definitely check into it! Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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