Non-Feminists Are More Hostile to Men than Feminists

 Today, at breakfast, my sister labelled me a “feminist.” My whole family now refuses to talk to me for more than 30 seconds, and acts as though I have an incurable, highly contagious disease. FML #20129490

It’s amazing how feminism is treated like a disease. Feminist is such a dirty word that it reduces women into mumbling the following key phrases:

I’m not a feminist, but…

…Not that I’m a feminist or anything…

anytime they say something that could remotely be interpreted as *gasp* a belief that women should be just as valued as men. It’s almost like a magic spell (you know, ‘cuz feminists are witches).

 Myths Debunked

pat robinsons quotes about women

don’t forget to add: “emasculate their men!” (source)

So I want to take a little bit of time to debunk some of these myths. I’m not going to do it by addressing each myth one by one. I’m going to do it in as few words as possible:

Feminism is a commitment to achieving the equality of the sexes. This radical notion is not exclusive to women: men, while benefiting from being the dominant sex, also have a stake in overcoming the restrictive roles that deprive them of full humanity. (Source)

feminist doormat quote

Yes. It really is that simple

Even better, the current wave of feminism is actually about addressing all forms of oppression, and is a commitment to achieving equality for all groups (People of Color, LGBT communities, etc).

S0…It’s not about achieving world domination. It’s not about fooling women into thinking that they can have babies forever, which causes them to have miscarriages because they wait too long to have children (seriously–someone actually linked feminism to miscarriages). Most importantly: it’s not about hating men or claiming that women are superior to men. In fact…

Did you know research has shown that feminists have less hostile attitudes about men than non-feminists?

Why? Researchers think it is because non-feminist women are more likely to (incorrectly) believe that men are biologically determined to be jerks and, therefore, it should just be accepted–but they’re not very happy about having to accept it. Feminists, on the other hand, are more likely to (correctly) assert that men’s behavior, just like women’s, is a result of socialization. Therefore, men can be good, fair, and equitable.

Cycling Feminists: Men and Women Unite!

My blog is about cycling so you may be wondering why I’m delving into the topic of feminism. After all, I am certainly not the first person to write about this issue (see here, and here, and here). Well, that’s because I’m a feminist. And J is a feminist, too (Surprise! feminism is not just for women–men who think the women in their life should have equal rights are feminists!). And we’re feminists who are interested in cycling.

Cycling is a male-dominated sport and there are constant messages that tell women cyclists that we simply aren’t as valued as much as men cyclists.  In other words, cycling is a sport that could really use some feminism.

So this post is my introduction to feminism, as well as my first real call to all cyclists: Please actively do something to make cycling a sport that is equally available & enjoyable for men and women. If you have no idea what I’m talking about–then consider this your first wake up call and start paying attention.

if you are neutral on situations of injustice you have chosen the side of the oppressor


7 responses to “Non-Feminists Are More Hostile to Men than Feminists

  1. Hi ‘Women Cyclists’. Great post – what an interesting mix of ideas. While many these ideas jumped out at me, one was the fact that cycling is a male-dominated sport. This can be extended to so many sports. Even those which do mostly involve women such as netball, do not get nearly as much air time as those that are male dominated. I get it that men are generally physically ‘higher’ performers, but it does demonstrate our lack of interest in women doing things that are considerd more masculine. I bet blogs about cycling by men and aimed at men are more popular than those by women and/or for women. Again – great post

    • Thank you so much for the positive feedback–I’m glad this struck a cord! Oh yes, this definitely extends to other sports (and I now need to google what ‘netball’ is) and is very unfortunate. I think women have just as much to offer as men! And I also wonder about the popularity of blogs like you mentioned. Hmmm….something to ponder about!

    • May I ask what you find intriguing about feminism? Say more about that?

      Also, I’ve been active in feminism for years now and have never come across “groups”, so I’m really not sure what you are referring to in terms of the meetups?

      What I will say is that attending group meetings doesn’t make one a feminist. One is a feminist when she or he actively engages in behaviors and activities that promote equality.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment–please do reply!! =)

  2. I found the group on What I found interesting is equality I guess and I have heard the term used a lot and wanted to know what it was all about and what their views were and how they wanted to change the world for the better. When you say active feminist, what is it that you do?

    • Ahhh, I never heard of that site before. My blog is an example of how I am applying the concept of feminism in a specific topic or area–cycling. There are lots and lots of material and blogs dedicated to feminism more broadly. They will be better resources for more general questions. Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti is a good brief introduction that might be worth starting with.

      One tip, though… Saying that you find feminism to be “intriguing” and equality as “interesting” can easily be perceived as strange and insincere. As though you view these things with something like a scientific or voyeur-like perspective. I’m not assuming that this is the case for you–just making mention of it because language is so important.

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