We just couldn’t resist!

“Are you sure about this?” I asked with some trepidation.

“Look.” He said, matter-of-factly, “Sometimes in life, you have to make…choices.”

He didn’t finish, but instead looked at me as though nothing more needed to be said about the matter.

“Okay.” I responded. And then I made some eggs.

And so it was decided. We are now the (soon-to-be) proud owners of two new mountain bikes!

No, we didn’t complete operation liquidate yet. That’s still in progress (and now more urgent than ever!)

No, it wasn’t the smartest decision we’ve ever made, financially.

But, when Jason came across a great deal on the internet we just simply couldn’t resist.  Blog readers, please meet our new bikes: Two Airborn Skyhawks.

skyhawk bike

Well, hello hello! Can’t wait to meet you! (source)

Jason has been looking online for some time now about components and costs and all the technical stuff. Based on that we had come to acknowledge that to get the bike we wanted, we were looking at $600 each (at least)! That was kind of a big blow for me, because I was thinking we should only spend about $300.00 each.

And now here comes the Skyhawk, all on sale for $350.00 and taunting us with its free shipping! To make matters worse, Jason did some comparisons and a similar Trek bike would be about $800.00! PLUS, other bloggers and forum dwellers had many positive things to say about their experience with the bike/company.

australian cattle dog puppy

Resistance is futile (source)

But still, my initial reaction was that I didn’t want to risk buying something online. What if it doesn’t fit me right? What then? But J promised it would be okay. “Trust me,” he said.

Hmm… I dunno… I’m placing a lot of trust in this man that occupies my home and eats all my food…

man eating doritos

Get your hands outta my Doritos! (source)

Okay, okay. He doesn’t actually look like that…nor do we eat Doritos…but that’s besides the point.  J will actually be able to finish the assembly and do all the fittings–he fit me to Mildred, after all. Plus, he already built an entire bike on his own and had made several upgrades to both our bikes.

So I was convinced. We purchased them yesterday morning! I’m still nervous, but optimistic!I feel like we just adopted a puppy online and are just waiting for the meet-n-greet. Can’t wait! What? We have to wait a WHOLE WEEK? Ugh. Not fair! I’m already having dreams that I’m riding her!
I’m not sure what I’ll name her–that can only happen after a few rides, of course, since I must wait for her name to call out to me.

Hey. maybe I’ll be so excited that I’ll force myself to go ride in the frigid cold!

…we’ll see


11 responses to “We just couldn’t resist!

  1. They are pretty… I snooped the sight before posting. An amazing deal, they have 100 mm of travel front suspension, looks like all SRAM x4 and hydraulic disc brakes. I’m amazed at the price. They are 6061 aluminum same material trek and specialized use in their aluminum frames and they have Alex rims. Jason researched well, if you had sent me all the specs and asked me to guess the price I would have said $750- $900 leaning closer to the nine. I dig the color as well, I’m excited for you!
    I know that’s strange, but I really am. Mountain bikes are so much fun. I commute and ride road the most. But honestly, like to do it in the dirt the best ; ) just don’t live in an area that makes that easy.
    Also, love Doritos guy on the sofa! I’d get me one if I knew where to go, hold the Doritos of course.
    Congrats on the new rides!

    • Thanks!!! Nice–you clearly know your bike stuff, so I’m certainly happy to have you confirm it’s a good deal!! Thanks for the empathic excitement! I haven’t had a mountain bike for a while so I’m super psyched to go on a trail! I’ve also never been on an official mountain bike trail…so this bike means lots of new fun for us!

      That guy on the couch….yea he’s totally hot =)

  2. So exciting! A friend of mine had a Goblin and was really happy with the company. And mountain biking is one of my big loves. Hope you have a blast on your new bikes!!

  3. Sounds like some good times on Nobbly tyres are just around the corner. Regardless of the price, if it brings you two wheel joy and you guys get to hit some trails together it is nothing but goodness. Photos please!

    • I could not agree more! Well said, my friend. I will certainly be posting (with pics!) soon. Unfortunately, one was not treated well during shipment and I want to get that all sorted out before I write up about it. But I can’t wait to share pics! Thanks for the comment!!

  4. You will do well with those. Bikes like everything have points of diminished return and those bikes are gonna give you joy without taking food away from you. Grams (subtracted from weight) are very, very expensive. Many (mostly men) spend 2-7 thousand dollars on grams and ego… ENJOY! Bikes are living in motion (as you well know).
    – David

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! (I love your blog, by the way!). Yes, I am very excited. And yea! it’s amazing how expensive grams are (I like the way you put that)! It was funny getting these bikes and feeling how heavy they are–I definitely got used to a light road bike. Can’t wait to take them on the road!

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