What My Bike Says About Me

What Does Your Bike Say About You

It’s no secret that I’m attached to my road bike, Mildred. We’ve been through some rough times together, but I can’t imagine being so happy on any other bike. But what does Mildred say about me? It’s an interesting question…

I take risks

Up until I bought Mildred, I had always ridden a mountain bike. But Jason, on the other hand, fancied the road bikes. For some reason, I let him convince me to get a road bike. It went kind of like this:

But I like mountain bikes, I would say. He would scoff and mutter something about “too heavy” and “unnecessary.”

How ’bout a hybrid? I would ask. He would scoff and mutter something about “lame” and “stupid.” (Luckily, he is much more accepting of ALL cyclists now…).

Okay, I’ll get a road bike, Why not. I said.

I enjoy naming inanimate objects 

It seemed natural to name my bike. I thought that’s just what people did. But, I have since learned that not many people do name their bikes. I think more people should name their bikes.

Maybe I’ll start a movement: Name-Your-Bike-Month (NaYoBiMo)

I like being outdoors 

This is an easy one, and it belongs here simply because I have a bike and she’s seen some hard miles. The more time spent away from nature, the grumpier I get.

Willow tree by the water

Washington DC somewhere. Photo credit: Me!

I am happiest when I’m rolling through trees, the sun is beaming down on me, and I can hear the ocean/lake nearby. Okay so that last part doesn’t happen often, but when it does…that’s just pure bliss.

I want to be green and healthy 

It worked out that I took a risk and got a road bike. Having a light bike makes commuting (in good weather) a dream. She has a rack on her and we have a couple panniers. I commuted over the summer for the first time, and the experience changed my perspective about our dependence on cars and gas. Commuting by bike is cheaper and healthier for me, my community, and the Earth. And by healthier, I mean both physically and mentally. The physical benefits are obvious, but I also found that I was able to handle stress more while at work! And a bonus was that by the time I got home, I had biked most (if not all) of my stress away, and was better able to enjoy my evening. In all, this experience made me more committed to being both a green and healthy person.

I have an obsession with the color blue 

Blue is now my favorite color, but it wasn’t so at first. In fact, at the time I picked Mildred my favorite color was red. But alas, I had only one option in our price range and it was her. I didn’t fall in love with the color at first, and we tried different colored handlebar tape: white, black.

Womens specialized Ruby saddle

Shiny & white & pretty … but too painful to ride!

Trek bike white handlebar tape

Nice white handlebar tape to match. Looks good, but not awesome.

But then one day, after I had told Jason I was sick of the white and then forgotten about it, he came home with a surprise! Blue handlebar tape!

Once she was all wrapped up in her pretty blue tape…now that was when I really fell in love and became attached. It just fit her, she just looked right.

And that’s when it all began. Before I knew what was happening, everything I purchased was blue. Blue shoes. Blue backpack. Blue glasses! Blue coats! Blue blog!  blue BLUE BLUE! Everywhere!

I can be patient when I want to be

It was a difficult and long road getting used to Mildred. I referred to it as my love-hate-love relationship in a previous post. In fact, I hated it so much as first, that I considered a crappy, rented, cruiser bike to be more comfortable for riding around than Mildred!

Cruiser bikes Sanibel Island Florida

Definitely more comfortable than a road bike…with it’s thick tires, heavy frames, and big-butt-soft saddles….

I care about women 

Last, but certainly not least, my bike shows that  I care about women. My bike is a Trek, and Trek is a company that is good to women cyclists.

Share Your Story

So what does YOUR bike (or human-powered-wheel-machine) say about you? Write a blog post about it, and leave a comment with a link. Or, if you don’t have a blog, write it as the comment!

Thanks to “Motoman” for the idea to write this post. He left a comment on a post written by blogger Christopher Yardin that inspired me to write about it! 


23 responses to “What My Bike Says About Me

  1. “You rock girl”, that’s what my bike says about you.
    She’s happy because you gave her a chance to speak her mind. This post is awesome and inspired me. Though I may have gone a little crazy with the idea. My therapist will thank you for that, my Dad will not. See he pays for the therapy.
    Okay so awesome post and here is the link to my post on said subject.
    Alison’s Bike Speaks Out (Say What, Tabby)

    • Love it!! =) I’m all smiles today! Your post was really fun to read and I love that you took an idea and ran with it! That’s what it’s all about! Tabby is one observant bike 😉 hehe

      • Thank you again, as I said I had a blast with this. Tabby has some personality. But she can also be a dirty and dangerous girl. She is the only one to ever really hurt me.

      • Yes indeed she does! =) By the way, kind of a funny/random/not-so-funny comment. This morning I was very frustrated with wordpress because “Why don’t I ever get updates from Alison’s blog? Her posts never shows up on my reader! WordPress is clearly broken!!! *angry face*” … then I realized I wasn’t even following you! Not sure how that got by me, but at least I figured it out now (and am actually following your blog now)!

      • Thank you for following, and I’ve done that.
        I sent them a message about a blog once and this nice lady replied, “thank you for asking about this. You will receive updates of this blog as soon as you follow it.” she than gave me instructions of how to follow a blog, I felt like an idiot and had to send her a huge apology. Wanted to send a fruit basket but couldn’t figure out where to send it.
        She replied and said it was funny and fine and it actually happened quite a bit.

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  3. I love it how you not only have named you bike, but also describe your love hate relationship with it. Classic! You are not the only one who names your “inanimate” objects. I have plenty of cycling mates who do the same. I must admit, I name parts of my routes – with the inclines usually associated to a curse of some kind squeezed in somewhere at 170bpm.

  4. I bought a comfort hybrid first and from Day One I knew I shouldn’t have talked myself out of the fitness hybrid or road bike. I didn’t LOVE my bike – she got me where I needed to go and I pushed myself so hard to go fast (12 mph average) on this big heavy bike.

    When I found out I was being laid off, I decided to blow my “stay” bonus on a carbon road bike. I didn’t care – I wanted to be like the guys and girls I saw floating along the road and multi-use path as I struggled to pedal any significant speed. I tried several bikes from several brands before discovering the bike of my dreams: Felt ZW5.

    She’s jade green and carbon. Not my idea of a super rad bike color but there were no other options. But I felt like I was one with the bike.

    Things changed and I was able to turn my looming layoff into continued employment. I still bought the bike and named her Electric Dream Machine. Partly from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (where I relocated for the job) but also because riding her is an absolute dream.

    EDM, as I call her for short, is independence. She’s fresh air and sunshine. She is powerful yet feminine. She is crazy-light (17 pounds). She is white cycling shoes that have a few scuffs but seem bold in a sea of black shoes. She’s not a common brand so anytime I see another Felt rider there’s a sense of “yeah, we have awesome bikes.”

    • I just love your story. I actually didn’t know there were comfort and fitness hybrids, I thought it was just “hybrid” so I learned something new today =) I have heard of Felt bikes though, J says “they’re cool” but yea, I don’t see much of them! And yes! Way to rock the white shoes! I have black shoes, but that’s more because they were on sale. I’d like to get some white ones myself. And finally, LOVE the name (and glad to hear that you were able to gain employment again)! Thanks SO much for sharing!

      • The comfort hybrid is built to be super comfy – plush seat, front suspension, upright-riding position. Tires wider than a roadies but smaller than mountain or cross tires. She’s also 35 lbs without my rack, fenders, or pannier of gear and my combo cable-U-lock.

        A fitness hybrid is about the same weight (30 lbs) but has a slightly more aggressive stance, flat bars like a mountain bike, and skinnier tires. I don’t think I would have been happy with a fitness hybrid either to be honest – but at the time, even spending $500 seemed like a huge gamble. What if I ride it five times and it sits in the garage?

        Anyway … I love love love my Felt. Love. And I love being part of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Felt. 🙂

    • So I am officially embarrassed. It has been so long since I rode my bike, that I had actually forgotten that I have white cycling shoes! Jason’s shoes are black, and I just got used to seeing them I guess? But today, when we went riding, I looked down at my shoes and burst out laughing! I felt so silly =) I guess I still need to work on mindfulness…or maybe just my memory?

      • Ha! That’s awesome. 🙂

        I didn’t choose white to be bold – I chose white because that’s the color the cycle shop guy had me try on and they felt like nothing was on my feet. 🙂

  5. Great post – I feel inspired to write about my bike and my progression from hybrid to flat-bar to full on road ‘performance’ bike, because I too love my current bike at home 🙂

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    • Hi there! Thanks so much for the friendly comment =) I’ve never heard of a box bike/bakfiets so I checked out your link. I love it! Two great identities merging together: Mom + Cyclist!

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