Thanksgiving Detox Weekend

Unplug the internet. Hide the remote. Put the phone on silent. And fire up the oven. It’s time to be with family.

While herds of people spent time this Thursday and Friday gathering with their large families and/or stomping over each other to get a good deal, J and I had a much quieter Thanksgiving.

I needed this time to unplug from the world. I don’t talk much about my work in this blog, but it involves me being on the computer and answering emails (or texts or phone calls) nearly 24/7. I don’t have weekends. I have bursts of free time during the weekend. The impact this is having on me is a story for another day, for this past Thursday and Friday I pretended that email didn’t even exist.

That I didn’t really have a job.

That the TV wasn’t really there.

That it was just me and my family.

Except, I live far from home. So, really, it was just the dog, J, and me.  But it was perfect. Just what the doctor ordered.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving went at a slow, peaceful pace. We started prepping the stuffing, made some coffee. Wandered around the apartment with our ears pressed against the walls–are the neighbors still here? Did they leave? We talked, prepped some more food. Then we ventured out for a brief moment into the real world to purchase a pie–Cracker Barrel’s Apple Pecan Streusel for $7.99.

Cracker Barrel Apple Pecan Streusel Pie

Seriously. This pie has magical powers. (source)

Returned home. High-fived because all the neighbors were gone. The whole section of our apartment building to ourselves! Naturally, we celebrated by playing our favorite tunes from Guitar Hero & Rock Band (J on the guitar, me on vocals). We then made our Thanksgiving dinner.

And making our own dinner was a big deal. Since we got married, we spent one Thanksgiving at home and the rest here in Michigan. Thus far, all of the ones in Michigan were take-out or us eating at a restaurant. This was the first time we were going to make our own Thanksgiving dinner. On top of that, it was our first Thanksgiving as (almost-vegan) vegetarians AND everything we were making was a brand new recipe! Yikes! That was a very tall order!

But it was delicious. J, traditionally a hater of all-things-stuffing LOVED the stuffing that we made. All of the recipes are from the Vegetarian Times November 2012 magazine. Here was our menu:

  • Sourdough bread & leek stuffing
  • Coconut sweet potato puree with maple syrup pecans
  • Dijon green bean & red onion bundles
    • FIRST time I’ve ever used kitchen twine. Yea, that’s right!
  • Roasted root vegetable jambalaya
    • Recipe is from the inspired vegan, and others have blogged about this recipe here and here
  • Cracker Barrel pie (the only non-vegan dish on the menu!)
sourdough bread and leek stuffing green bean bundles and sweet potato puree

Sweet potato puree, Green bean bundles, Sourdough bread and leek stuffing

Roasted root vegetable jambalaya

Roasted root vegetable jambalaya, and green bean bundles

After dinner, we played some more Guitar Hero / Rock Band. And we talked some more about what we were thankful for in our lives, as well as our future plans together. And as for our dog…

picture of dog sleeping on couch

We originally hoped we would go for a bike ride, as the weather was perfect for it. Unfortunately, we both weren’t feeling well enough. We don’t seem to do well when the weather goes from freezing to warm to freezing to warm….and so on. But even though we couldn’t ride, it was a lovely Thanksgiving.

Black Friday

Not much happened on Black Friday either. We did some online shopping, but didn’t dare walk out those doors into a real store. We both agree that no deal is worth all that stress and hassle. Sometimes, a higher price is worth it for the convenience.

black-friday shopping hysteria

This day was slightly more annoying because we were expecting a package from UPS. The tracking website said that it would be delivered that day, but we waited…and waited…and waited…and, well, no package came. This is part of our ongoing saga of having purchased a bike online, and I’ll write up a full report about that later. But this day consisted of eating leftovers and playing more Guitar Hero / Rock Band.  Sitting around and talking. And then we went to see Skyfall. There were some scenes that I found annoying (the whole benevolent sexism thing), but it was still an entertaining movie. Plus, I just really like Judi Dench & Daniel Craig–especially after they did this

Detox Successful

All in all, it may seem like a boring couple of days to others, but it’s the best time I’ve had in awhile. Moments like these past couple of days remind me of how little I actually care about TV, email, and things. What matters is spending time with the people that I love.

…and pie.

Cracker barrel apple pecan streusel pie

Cracker Barrel apple pecan streusel pie


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