The Art of Name Calling

There’s a lot in a name. A name communicates much information, just like a picture (we all know the saying). Have you ever felt as though someone’s name just seems to fit them? Almost as if they either grew into their name, or their parents just had uncanny foresight into their child’s personality.

I recognize the importance of a name. Thus, I take the job of naming very seriously.

Perfect name for my bike? YES!!!

Perfect name for my bike? YES!!!

Once Upon a Name

It was easy with Mildred. She was mine for over a year before it was official. All of a sudden, I realized that I loved her and I wanted to honor all that we had been through together. Once I made the decision to provide her with a name, Mildred just came to me. There is no inspiring story behind it. Mildred just made me think of a proper British accent. Is Mildred even a British name? I do not know. Not the point. Once I named her, I even helped Jason name his. Once I thought of Mildred, somehow Boris just seemed to fit. Mildred & Boris. It worked.

Time for a New Name

Upon deciding that we also “needed” some mountain bikes, I instantly went into thinking about what I would name her. I wanted it to be meaningful this time. I wanted there to be a reason I named her what I did. Lots of different ideas flowed through my head. Then we found our bikes online and purchased them. Now I knew what she would look like, so some names were scratched off the list and others were added. Then she arrived, and was a different shade of red than I expected, so some names, again, were removed and added.

But they were just ideas. The name had to feel right while I rode her. It had to sound right when I said it.  Only one name passed the test.

Without Further Ado…

So here it is. Bloggers, please meet my new mountain bike:

**** Caprica Six ****

Yes, Caprica Six as in from Battlestar Galactica (a.k.a., the best show ever made). And why Caprica Six? Because she’s bad ass. And I like bad ass women. They fucking inspire me.



Battlestar was fresh on my mind because Jason and I recently watched it for the very first time. Thanks to Netflix, we could barely work or do anything. We just needed to see what happened next! Who were the cylons? Would they find Earth? Who was the last cylon? Why don’t I hate Gaius Baltar?! The agony!  Best show I’ve ever watched, and Jason agrees. One (of many) reasons I love this show is because of all the amazing strong women.

Sharon, Roslin, Starbuck, Six

Sharon, Roslin, Starbuck, Six

It eventually boiled down to a battle royale between Starbuck and Six. Starbuck was pretty freaking awesome in BSG. And as a bonus pack of awesome, the original Starbuck was a man! So super kudos that in this series Starbuck was a woman!


“The pilots call me Starbuck but you may refer to me as god!” (source)

But, Caprica Six won because I just didn’t like saying Starbuck. Didn’t feel right. Besides, the storyline between Six and Baltar ended up being my favorite, and the most intriguing.

Six and Baltar

That moment when Caprica Six wakes up…and then has her OWN inside-the-head Gaius?! Blew my mind to bits! BITS! (source)

And just THINKING about this scene…still gives me chills and just about brings a tear to my eye.

I can't handle it! So beautiful! Show's over! What will I DO WITH MY LIFE!!! (source)

I can’t handle it! So beautiful! Wait? Show’s over! No! What will I DO WITH MY LIFE!!! (source)

If you stuck around this long, and didn’t just roll your eyes and close out, then I thank you. I can’t wait to post more about my adventures with Caprica Six. I guess I should post a picture of my bike now…

Airborne Skyhawk MTB

Airborne Skyhawk MTB

So say we all!


4 responses to “The Art of Name Calling

  1. This made me laugh. Particularly because the Mayor of London is called Boris and the Barclays Bike Scheme in London is referred to as Boris Bikes. Love the name Mildred too . . .. nothing to do with bikes, but I once had a cat called Ethel. Such random names lol. I built a 69er mountain bike and because of the smutty comments I constantly received, I bought a chain protector to put on it with the name ‘’ written across it, so it is now known as Kinky. Look forward to your next post 🙂

    • hehe =) good, I’m glad! Yea, I saw a post from someone talking about “Boris Bikes” and it immediately caught my attention! And what’s really funny is that I almost chose Ethel for my bike, but just liked saying Mildred better!! haha! Random names are great, in my opinion. And Kinky is an awesome name for a bike, I LOVE it! Thanks so much for commenting!

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