Thanks @Adventures of Bamboo Girl for the Super Sweet Nomination

My first blogging award! Let’s hope I go about this in the right way!


The rules are:

  • Show-off the award on your blog. (SEE THE SWIRLY-FUN CUPCAKES ABOVE?  THAT’S IT!  YOU CAN COPY AND PASTE IT!)
  • Thank the super-sweet blogger who nominated you. 
  • Answer five super-sweet questions about yourself.
  • Nominate 13 super-sweet bloggers.

Thanks Adventures of Bamboo Girl! I find your dedication to healthy food inspiring (uhh…probably an inappropriate comment given the theme of this award =)!) and enjoy reading your blog!

The super-sweet questions:

1. Cookies or cakes??

Cakes almost won, but then I remembered that these exist:


Gimme some Samoa Girl Scout Cookies and some milk, and I’m set (source)

2. Chocolate or vanilla??


3. What is your favourite sweet treat??

Doughnuts and shortbread. Couldn’t decide!

Right on, Homer. Right on. (source)

Right on, Homer. Right on.

4. When do you crave for sweets the most??

When I feel like I accomplished something, like waking up before noon, and want to congratulate myself!

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be??

Honey Waffle. Because I like bees and waffles.

I now nominate the following blogs:

Christopher Yardin/Something for Pok – Just all around enjoyable posts to read!

Wife. Mother. Awesome Girl. – Fun cycling adventures and a very positive and friendly blogger/commenter!

The Voyage of the Tramper – Couple traveling around in their trailer. Inspiring adventures to ready!

Superkatedotcom – Friendly blogger. Funny and relatable posts.

Cupcake travels – Only recently following this blog, and there’s lots of fun posts to read!

Alisonsideas – Many different topics, friendly blogger and thoughtful commenter!

CarFreeBrad  – Because I’d like to be car free one day!

Jump for joy photo project — fun and inspiring!

TahoeSux – Amazing adventures + breathtaking photos.

Sally @ Cycling and Stuff – Another recent blog I found. Lots of fun posts!

Cyclestuff – Cool blog about stuff. Bike stuff.

Crystal Fun2Race – a cyclists who races, but for fun =) my kind of attitude!

todayifelloff –  funny and thoughtful posts!

Well, there you have it! I, of course, hope I did not offend anyone by leaving you out. I love being part of this blogging world and making so many fun connections! 


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