What’s this whole “pinterest” thing about, anyway?

I have a short attention span.

Recently, I find myself browsing the “humor” section of Pinterest for much longer than I should be. There is something about the portable (on my iPod), quick, and endless humor that is just perfect for me.

I torture Jason by laughing hysterically from time to time, gasping for air, leaning towards him, and barely stretching my arm out long enough to hand him my iPod. When he finally grabs it. I’m left rolling back and forth on the couch, still laughing and wiping away tears.


Ahh, fellow pinterest users. Some of you just really get my humor.

Sure, I browse other categories from time to time. Pinning some recipes here, cool photos there.

…And This Has What to Do with Bikes?

Yes, yes. Well, I manage to look around for cool bike related pictures, too. And, when I’m browsing the web, Pinterest is the perfect way for me to bookmark my favorite cycling-related finds!

So if you’re into the crazy world that is Pinterest, check out my page or boards and maybe even follow me! A quick sampling of images from my boards:

Bicycle Humor

le wind

le wind

Bicycle Products

bike cup

bike handlebar wristlets

bike handlebar wristlets

Bicycle Art

two people on a bike

Well...art and photography

Well…art and photography

Cool Bikes

bike lawn mower

bike lawn mower


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