Bike stuff rocks! And we got a BUNCH when we were in Chicago for the holiday. For some reason (mostly, boredom), I felt compelled to take pictures. And, well…since I took pictures then why not post them on here?

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We each got a pair of cycling socks with the Chicago flag and that’s J’s cycling hat. It’s nice to wear a piece of home when we’re in Michigan!

I’m most excited about this sweet t-shirt though:

T-shirt, purchased @ Chrome in Chicago

T-shirt, purchased @ Chrome in Chicago


6 responses to “BIKE STUFF!!

  1. Hello! I came to your blog because I saw your post on another site, and when I saw Bike Stuff, assumed you meant motorcycle. I used to be a regular cyclist … then got on a motorcycle and it took over. I really need to get back to the bicycle too! I still organize my community’s Ride of Silence each year, but only ride a couple times a year now (how sad is that?). Perhaps your blog will inspire me!!

    • Thanks for leaving a comment! And the reverse happens to me often–I think i found a cycling-related thing and it’s related to motorcycles! 🙂 it almost happened with an actual store…

      And I’m drafting a post about ride of silence right now!! What interesting timing that you mentioned it. What city do you organize?

    • Very cool! I imagine it takes a lot of work to coordinate an event like this. I’ll be signing up to do one (in Chicago) for the first time this year! I just published the post I mentioned–be sure to check it out!

      • Nice job on the bike advocacy piece. Your sister’s response is unfortunately not unusual – as you know. I’ll be looking for updates on the Chicago ROS and I’m sure I’ll be posting about ours as well

      • Thanks!!! Yes, she responded with what I am now used to hearing. And in all fairness, I had the same unfortunate attitude some years ago. I just hope that attitude change about this can be more widespread!! But, that’ll take too long, so that’s why my vote is to just build the roads up regardless of these nay-Sayers!

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