A post about Lance Armstrong that I finally agree with, 100%


My news feed on Facebook is full of Lance Armstrong. My daily round of news sites is full of Lance Armstrong. It’s inescapable. Since he and Oprah announced about a week ago that he’d be doing a tell-all (or tell-some, anyway) on her network, I can’t escape the nagging feeling that I should write about it…not because I want to, necessarily, but because it seems like any halfway focused cycling blogger should say SOMETHING to acknowledge this shitstorm.

All week I told myself I’d at least watch the interviews and see what he has to say. Yesterday’s came and went; I didn’t watch the first portion of the interview and doubt I’ll watch the second…at least, not yet. This morning I thought maybe I’d look for a transcript, but every time I’ve headed for my Google search box, a feeling of creeping annoyance and hostility has stopped me from typing in…

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