It’s Been Fun: Appreciating Milestones

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

With this post I am announcing two blogging milestones.


First, I now have over 100 followers!

I am grateful for every single person who follows, reads, likes, and comments on my blogs. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that sometimes I wonder whether it’s worth it to even do a blog. Sometimes I want to just read other blogs without contributing a post of my own. But then there are the few of my posts that actually generate comments and thoughtful responses. These conversations keep me going, so thank you!

Plus, if I haven’t posted something in a while, my fingers start itching. I love writing too much, and in comparison to the other things I have to write about for my job, this is actually FUN stuff. So, I can’t give up on it now!


Second, this is my 50th post. Cool, right? I think so. I wonder what the average number of posts are for a blog before the person quits? Have I made it over the hump?

So, here’s to more posts and future in blogging. It’s been fun so far, so hopefully I keep blogging and people keep reading! =)


14 responses to “It’s Been Fun: Appreciating Milestones

  1. Congratulations on your 50 postings. I think it’s hard to assess one’s commitment to a blog solely by the number of posts. Some people post a little every day, while others seem to wait until they’ve got something worthy of Montaigne. I think you’re putting yourself into your writing, and that’s what is important. Keep it up!

  2. First, I will say congrats on reaching 100 followers and on your 50th post!! These are awesome blogging milestones. Next, I will attest to the desire to stop blogging and simply partake in others blogs—I feel as though I have a love/hate relationship with my blog. In the end we are a match made in heaven (my blog and I that is). Keep blogging, I definitely enjoy reading your posts. = )

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