You need give up…just let it go

Seriously, SNL. Please just stop…

If you haven’t seen this this SNL clip…well it’s there for you to view it if you want. I neither recommend nor don’t recommend it.

Please, SNL writers and actors…If you can’t do impressions then create new characters to do your spoofs. Taran Killam’s “impression” of Piers Morgan was atrocious. Was that supposed to be a British accent? It kinda sounded that way at first, but then it quickly slipped into some oddball American-trying-to-sound-British-but-sounds-half-Indian accent.

Now, I watched the entire Oprah-Armstrong interview, so I did laugh a few times during the Lance Armstrong/Jason Sudeikis part. I don’t think he really did a good impression, but the “WHO SAID THAT? … THOSE FAT BITCHES!” and equivocating apologies was amusing.

"Is it cheating? Maybe..."

“Is it cheating? Maybe…”


“Am I sorry I did it? Yes… ish. p.s., No.”

I also have no idea who Manti Te’o is, nor did I know the story. But his face was quite hilarious to look at during the skit, so I smiled. I have no idea whether it was a good impression or not, but I was too distracted by this face to pay attention.


And from what others are saying, this was THE funniest part of the entire show. So what I will conclude with, is that this clip affirmed why I don’t bother watching this show on TV anymore. SNL is simply unfunny.

Nowadays, this is about all SNL can get outta me.

Nowadays, this is about all SNL can get outta me.


2 responses to “You need give up…just let it go

  1. Couldn’t agree more about SNL. We all romanticize the “good old days,” but SNL has been increasingly crass, crude, and dumb for a while now, with a few brilliant exceptions like Tina Fey. There are better things to do late on Saturday night.

    • Thanks for commenting! Yea, my favorite seasons were in mid-1990s. Those were some hilarious skits. I have problems with Tina Fey, though. But that’s a whole other story šŸ™‚

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