Well. It’s time to sell the dog, and it’s all thanks to Sip, Clip, and Go!

I learned about Sip, Clip, and Go when I stumbled upon this blog. It’s run by Heather and Karen–two cyclists who share their adventures with the world. Karen, it turns out, also owns a small coffee brand business–Slip, Clip, and Go!

If you’ve been following my blog long enough, you already know how I feel about coffee (here), and the particular combination of cycling and coffee (here). And, obviously, I care very much about women cyclists. So, something that combines all of them together?



When we could finally afford (and justify the splurge) we were thrilled. Off to the website we went to make our choice. But we were shocked and stunned with what we found. You see, whenever we try a new coffee brand, we always go for Columbian because it’s our favorite. But we get to the “shop for coffee” section…and lo-and-behold…there is no Columbian option!

Whatever shall we do? Which one shall we try? 


C’mon…we all knew this was going to happen.

Once that was settled it was just a matter of waiting. The product was shipped via USPS (our preferred carrier) and it arrived quickly (two business days). Hmm..let me tell you how THAT unfolded.

So there were were, all grumpy and headed home from class. Nearing our apartment building, we see the mail carrier’s truck close by.  “Yessss!” We said to each other, exchanging significant glances. “We wont have to wait another day for our coffee! It comes today!

We pull up, park, and dash inside (lest we run in and be forced to engage in small talk with our neighbors). We check our tiny mail slot and, to our dismay, find a crummy letter from AT&T U-Verse. NO we don’t want your crappy cable, and thanks for telling us that we did, in fact, miss the mailwoman, which means that I don’t get to try my coffee today! Jerks!

…so I started putting around the apartment feeling sorry for myself.

That is…until J announced “Oh!! Looks like we ARE getting our coffee today!”

“YES!!!!!” I screamed, terrifying the dog. I started jumping up and down and dancing as the buzzer rang. You see…that’s why USPS is awesome, and our local USPS woman in particular. She came back for us!

Mental Note: USPS carrier is totally getting a box of chocolates!!

Mental Note: USPS carrier is totally getting a box of chocolates!!

So the box is finally here. We let the dog do his smell test first.


It apparently met his approval, as he immediately tried to rip open the box with his mighty claws.


So then I cut a hole in the box…


And then I opened the box…


I pulled out what was inside box…


Okay, enough singing. It’s time to express my excitement in a completely normal, every-day, rational kind of way.

drag the dog outside to dance in the snow with a bag of new coffee beans

…drag the dog outside to dance in the snow with this new bag of coffee beans. Yes. That IS a bag of SCnG coffee beans in my left hand.

Bow to your master, dog! This is COFFEE!

Bow to your master, dog! This is COFFEE!

Back inside, it’s time to get down to business and make this coffee. And now that I’m cold (and the neighbors are finally convinced I’m a complete nutter), I could REALLY use a warm cup-o-joe. First step, clean out the coffee grinder. We could not allow any cross contamination of flavors!


Then, of course, we had to choose which one to drink first. It was the middle of the afternoon, so we chose the middle one–Off the Chain.


Now add the beans to the grinder, and prepare for the bean destruction!


Quickly huff in the delicious coffee bean aroma. Ooohhhh boy did it smell goooooooooooooooood.

Huff it in, kirby style!

Huff it in, kirby style!

We then gathered our mis en place and set the kettle for boiling:


Marveled at the delicate dance of the steam:


And then melted the coffee grounds with hot water-lava in our fancy-pants French Press!

Melt. MEEELLTTT into delicious coffee. Make all my troubles go away!

Melt. MEEELLTTT into delicious coffee. Make all my troubles go away!

Wait patiently.


Admire packaging while waiting patiently.

Love it!

No. You’re wrong. I DO BELIEVE YOU!

Until finally. FINALLY. the moment arrives…

yea, yea... "you want some coffee to go with that cream?" I get it. Hardy har.

yea, yea… “you want some coffee to go with that cream?” I get it. Hardy har.

So what was that first sip like?

oh sweet jesus

oh sweet jesus

I was going to wait until I tried all three flavors before posting this review, but honestly there is no point. This cup was so amazing, so delicious, that I don’t care what the other two taste like. I’m hooked.

The Fine Print

Taste is important, but I like to buy things from companies that support social causes I care about. So without further ado, here is why Sip, Clip, and Go! wins my approval:

  • 100% Fair Trade! 
  • 100% Organic
  • Donates 1% of profits to Bikes Belong
  • Locally roasted/blended

Now, the price is higher than your average bag of coffee at the big-name store. These come at $12.99/bag or $35.99 for three (it’s cheaper to purchase three at a time). Buying three bags brings the total to $13.99/bag.

but i've been waiting for you my whole life!

but i’ve been waiting for you my whole life!

It’s worth every penny. But unfortunately for us broke students, buying coffee at $9.99/bag (Caribou) is a splurge for us.  We usually end up having to settle for a Meijer brand or 8 o’clock coffee when it’s on sale.

So, clearly, we need to sell the dog so we can afford this coffee on a regular basis ***

Whatever, mom, just give me some food.

Whatever, mom, just give me some food.

Or, you know…I guess it’d be helpful if more stores started carrying it so it’d cut down on shipping. That’d be great, too. I am sure that this will happen because I really see this business going somewhere. I mean, it’s already making a great impression, and she only started it last summer!

How is this company/product good for women?

Each product review I do must answer this question. And this one is pretty easy–this is a small business, owned by a woman. Run by a woman. Excellent! I love hearing about (and supporting) women entrepreneurs!


Go and get yourself a bag, already! Or better yet…start off with a sampler pack so you know which one is right for you!

___ ___ ___ ___
*** Clearly, I am kidding. No one would actually pay for this thing anyway…


23 responses to “Well. It’s time to sell the dog, and it’s all thanks to Sip, Clip, and Go!

  1. Aw shucks! Your dog is so cute I’d trade a few bags for him. Although my cats might disapprove 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful review, the suspense was killing me!

    • haha =) he does rate high on the cuteness factor, I’ll give him that =) And I dunno. He is terrified of cats so yours might be able to boss him around.

      And, thank YOU for making great coffee!!!

  2. Haha this was great. I’m friends with Karen and still need to order some coffee, but any coffee tastes better in her mugs! I’m holding out for decaf 🙂

    Also, what kinda pup? Mine’s an Aussie cattle dog and looks similar.

    • Hahah!! Im really glad you found this funny. I was laughing while I wrote it, but I tend to have my own odd sense of humor so I had no assurances that anyone else would find it humorous!

  3. You can’t sell the dog, he has to put all products through the preliminary smell test! I’m a coffee fanatic, and of course I’m darn into bicycling too, I’ll have to pick up a bag of sip, clip, and go and see what I think!

    Very entertaining post by the way!

    • Hahahahhahhahahhahahah! That is true! Hmmm…well he has proven himself useful.

      Alright! I look forward to reading your review!!

      Glad you found it entertaining 🙂 means a lot to hear it!

  4. Well, I hope and am pretty sure that you did not sell your cute dog :). Thanks for the coffee review. I admit I need to find some here in the US. Back in Germany we bought at a local roaster, too.

    • Haha 🙂 no we did not sell him. As a matter of fact, he is laying here next to me, lounging about like a lazy dog. Yawning and stinking up the face.

      But I’d have it no other way

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