Don’t Let Those Spam Comments Go To Waste

Like all wordpress bloggers, I get a ton of spam comments. Most of them are long paragraphs of nonsense that get deleted without a second’s thought.

Others, however, catch my eye. And when I picture people actually saying them it makes me laugh.

And then I got an idea…what if they were said by people?


wordpress_spam_comments_meme_spoof_02 wordpress_spam_comments_meme_spoof_03 wordpress_spam_comments_meme_spoof_04 wordpress_spam_comments_meme_spoof_05 wordpress_spam_comments_meme_spoof_06

I made absolutely NO edits to the text. Although, I doubt anyone who has read these spam comments will doubt that!

Hope you enjoyed!


14 responses to “Don’t Let Those Spam Comments Go To Waste

  1. I love reading the spam comments. However, the best way to enjoy them is to read them out loud using the imagined accent of the spam sender (judging from the sentence structure most of them are from China).

  2. lol–too funny. I’ve been getting such a load of spam on my coffee site, it’s like a parade of spam. Did you ever get one that just insults the heck out of you? Those are fun too.

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