The Advantage of an Obsessive Partner

He’s on the computer again, computer screen lighting up the living room.

We decided that we hate being in the office–it’s cold and lonely in there–so our “office” is really just a microwave stand in our living room, right next to the TV. This means that all he has to do is whip around to chat me up about all the cool new gadgets and bikes and interviews.

Usually I absorb the information, nodding and chiming in by saying “cool!” here and there. But the two of us often get all geeked about different things related to the bike world. You’ve seen my blog, so you see what I find interesting. Him? Well he enjoys the highly technical world of cycling.

But not this night! This time, he tells me about the  Maxxon Wireless Bike Brake Light. My interest in peaked–mostly because one of the things I’m obsessive about is bike safety (see here and here for examples).


It’s pretty awesome. You hook it up to your bike, it uses magic (I mean…technology) and will light up when it senses that you are slowing down! There is one day-time mode that works just like a car brake–it lights up when you slow down. There are also two night-time modes that either are flashing or are steady while riding, then get brighter or steady when you slow down. (Full details here). I highly recommended you go to their website and scroll to the bottom to watch the videos.

So I guess sometimes it pays to have a partner who is obsessive. Even better if both are obsessive, but for different areas. We tend to complement each other’s bike knowledge well.


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