RIP Office: Make Way for the Bike Room

Picture this.

You walk into a modest apartment. Look to your left to find a kitchen with an open counter and some chairs whose only purpose is to store the mail. To your right is the living room with typical living room things–couch, chairs, TV, and computer on a microwave stand with some crafting supplies on the shelves.

Directly in front of you is a wall, painted blue with some pictures on it. You see a bike.

Also some tools

Also some tools

Turn to your right, pass the bathroom, and enter into the office. You see this.


Back out of this room in terror. Look at the apartment dwellers and wonder how they ever let things get to be this way, and then check out the bedroom. Okay, there’s a bed. Dresser thing. And more bikes.

Delta Michelangelo Bike Rack

Delta Michelangelo Bike Rack

Now, feel like a creep for snooping around their bedroom…but continue into the closet anyway. Check out this storage hangar, where things like gloves, bike shoes, and arm warmers are kept.


So how would you feel living here?

I just couldn’t take it anymore. Living in clutter, everywhere. It was driving me bonkers.

So please consider these the “BEFORE” pictures. Our newest project is to re-design our office into a sweet bike room. Everything must fit in there–the bikes, the tools, the gear.

Wish us luck…


20 responses to “RIP Office: Make Way for the Bike Room

  1. Oh, to have the luxury of a bike room/office…I live in a shared house with three other people. Between us we have six bikes. While there might be room for one, perhaps two, inside, there certainly isn’t room for all of them – so they all have to live outside. I long for the day when I can afford my own place, but given how much housing costs here in London that’s a long way off…

    • Yea it helps that we live in a crappy town where rent is cheap. We’ll be moving to Chicago and will be extremely lucky if we can do something similar there. So we will enjoy it for the time being!!

      Thanks for commenting!

    • Oh, interesting! Well I certainly hope that we come up with useful tips for others!

      May I ask about what influenced you to make that switch? You dont actually have to answer, obviously! I’m just curious because we’ve had our own journey with living in an apt, moving to a house, then deciding to come back to an apt. So it makes me curious about other people’s paths and decisions 🙂

      • We currently live in a large house with a large backyard (1/3 acre or 13,000 square feet). It takes many hours every weekend to clean and maintain our house and property. That’s time I would rather spend cycling or hiking or doing other outdoor activities.

        We also live 45km (28 miles) from the city and 16km (10 miles) from the shops. This means we spend a lot of time traveling.

        And finally, our mortgage is very high. I want to ease off from the high pressure money-driven career I’ve got to follow a career closer to my heart (I want to teach homeless, imprisoned or otherwise disadvantaged young people). An apartment in the city would be cheaper to buy, cheaper to maintain and would save us on many other costs associated with commuting.

        So, moving to an apartment is our way of simplifying our lives both socially and economically.

      • Love it! That’s exactly why we moved back to an apt–to much time with maintenance that could be spent on fun activities. Plus it cost way too much–rent, utilities, everything!

        We have also been working towards simplifying our life and living in a smaller space is one way to do it.

        Thanks for sharing! And good luck with pursuing a career that will be more fulfilling!

  2. Carrying my bike cyclo-cross style up the stairs and out the door of my basement apartment every morning wakes me up for the ride to work! My bike has its own corner in my living room…on the condition that I keep it clean!

    • We live on the second floor, and it is indeed a good warm up. Although my MTB was a bit too heavy for me and I got stuck trying to bring her upstairs. I was laughing so hard at myself I almost fell backwards…plus I was embarrassed.

      That reminds me…I’m supposed to be working on my upper body strength this winter…I should get on that

    • (I edited the typo) haha! You know, I would totally be that person who does that. But then again, I like when he cuddles by me and follows me around =) And I’d like to think that he likes it too, and wouldn’t want to be alone in his own room…

  3. Wow, I thought it was just me who has bikes / parts / tools / gear all over the house; I must say, it’s reassuring to know I’m not alone.

    Although, I will shortly be moving to a place with a garage… Can’t wait to have a proper man cave again!

    • I’m sure most of us are like this, but I am glad to help brig reassurance you’re not alone 🙂

      Oooh, a garage will be nice! You’ll have to post how you set up your bike area!

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