I’m too tired for this: Bike Room Day 2

Quick Recap

Small apartment, disorganized and cluttered space, bike things everywhere. Enter: Decision to turn office into bike room.

Before Shots





So far, so good. Although I think I’m starting to mess up my back and neck again from all the moving because I’m in a lot of pain today. Lame-o.

Step 1: Move all the crap out of the way so we could move the desk to the other wall.


And view a big ol’ grease stain that was hiding behind all of his tools…awesome.


Step 2: Sigh in despair over the new mess created in the living room


Or, if you're the dog...sit right in the middle and stare at your parent

Or, if you’re the dog…sit right in the middle of the pathway and stare at your parent

Step 3: Move desk

This was NOT an easy feat. We’ve had this desk for about four years now (Office Depot purchase). I don’t remember the brand or type of desk, but let me give this thing a quick review: It’s amazing!

We’ve moved to a new home twice with this thing, plus we have rearranged the office at least an additional 4 times (including this move). Yet, this desk is still useable. Sure…it’s broken in half a couple of times. And that middle piece? While we were dragging this thing across the room today it finally gave up on life and smashed my toes. But, it’s still holding the desk up.

If you have ever used a cheap, particle board product, you will probably know how impressive this is. One time, we purchased a particle board bookshelf from Target, and that thing only last about 5 months before it collapsed on itself! So…this was well worth the money!


The desk’s last stand…

Step 4: Call it a day

Enough progress for now! Hopefully tomorrow is as productive. By the way, I really appreciated all the comments on my first post about this! =) thanks for all the encouragement, everyone! I had an annoying and painful day at work, so it was nice to come home to all that!


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