I don’t need this stuff!

Am I the only one who gets distracted while cleaning and organizing?

I’ll be cleaning and organizing one area, only to find myself in a totally different part of the apartment cleaning and organizing THAT area!


It’s exhausting! But as it turns out it’s really worth the extra time it takes. I just keep going at it and keep forcing myself to do it. Not having cable and living in a boring town helps–I mean, what else is there to do? There is just so much crap that we’re throwing away or recycling. How did all of this end up here? And for so long?

living room mess

My crafting supplies are being put away and organized…finally! But I was unable to get myself to throw away much of it. My hoarding instincts (thanks to BOTH sets of grandparents) kicked in, and I kept almost every scrap. Does any artist or crafter out there have similar problems?


Well…time to get back to work. To conclude this broadcast, here’s a picture of The Dog.



6 responses to “I don’t need this stuff!

    • Thanks!!! I know it can take a while to muster up the motivation. Our office was like this since about June or July, so that’s at least 6 months!! And at least a few times a month I’d walk in, all geared up and ready to tackle it…only to slowly shut the door, walk away, and busy myself with something else.

      I think the reason it worked this time was because we weren’t going to just CLEAN the office–we were going to CREATE a bike room. Maybe it was the change in how we framed it. Maybe it’s because we’re obsessed with bikes…perhaps both. Doesn’t really matter because it got us moving!!

      Thanks for commenting and good luck!!

  1. I actually find pleasure in getting rid of crap. Eventually you wonder why you kept 90 percent of it. There are very few things that you need to be happy and the rest just contribute to unhappiness.

    • Exactly! It’s actually quite a relief to toss away things. And when we had cable, I would go on tossing frenzies after watching the show Hoarders. I would hunt for things to throw away just to prove that I could still do it. It helps that I’m slightly paranoid of becoming like my hoarder grandparents …

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Im so impressed by your organizational skills…and sorting is exhausting! It’s like intervals in the house! I also have hoarding issues…especially with my sewing stuff. But now that I move every 6 months or less (thank you partner’s job), my life has to fit into one 23kg suitcase and a bike box (NOT thank you airlines). It makes you realize what you actually need!

    • Thank you!! I have always been this way and was quite peeved AND thrilled when I first heard about a career in professional organizing….that would be awesome!

      Anyway, that’s funny you should mention that. About moving and all that. On out recent trip to Chicago (aka home) I paused and thought (out loud):

      You know…it’s the three of us (me, partner, dog), my laptop, our nooks, 1 suitcase each of clothes. If we had our bikes with us, that would really be everything I need to be happy.

      And I liked that idea. That was when I finally realized that I had come a long way from my materialistic self. I used to care about so many things, little knock knacks. But I could leave it all behind.

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