Did you know about this wordpress feature?

Maybe I should be too embarrassed to post this…but I’m hoping that I’m not the ONLY one who took so long to realize this feature existed!

Didn’t I leave a comment somewhere?

When I first started blogging, I would always subscribe to comments I left on other people’s blog so I could see their reply to my comment. I quickly realized this was irritating and would flood my inbox unnecessarily. So that didn’t last long.

But then, I would forget to go back and check (I have a short memory like that).

After a few months, I finally noticed something at the main page when I was logged into wordpress. In between where it says “new post” and my gravatar was this funny little symbol. Randomly (or so I thought) it would blink and be a different color. Even more “randomly” it would change symbols! A speech bubble…a plus sign…a star.

What are you? Why are you blinking? And why are you always a different symbol?

But what did it mean? The enigma!

And so I finally clicked on it…and my whole world changed. Apparently, it’s this fantastic little “notifications” section of your blog. It tells you who liked your posts, who just followed you, who commented, and YES! it even shows you when people leave a reply to your comment (that you left on their blog).

So, at the risk of being laughed at =) I thought that I would share this just in any other new bloggers out there stumble upon this and learn something new.

Happy blogging everyone!


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