Cycle Scrabble? Hmmm…

Are you a Scrabble fan?

Use it in a sentence... (source)

Use it in a sentence… (source)

I am, and I’m not.

What I like about scrabble

  • It’s a good way to spend time with others
  • It makes me think (stretch the mind and all that)
  • It’s fun to think up words that uses up as many of my tiles as possible
  • I’m really good at using a few tiles to get a LOT of points
I learn new words .... (source)

And I learn new words! (source)

What I don’t like about scrabble

  • Usually, the small words that get a lot of points are boring and/or ruin the board for everyone else and future plays
  • When you use a few tiles at a time, the game takes for-ev-er
  • Usually, the big words don’t get you much points (lots of vowels, low points)

So, we came up with a solution to address these not-so-fun aspects of Scrabble.

Invent Your Own Rules!

So we changed the rules so our game would be a cycling-themed game of Scrabble. Basically it goes like this…play scrabble as usual, but any word that relates to cycling gets DOUBLE the points.

10 points for Gryffindor!

10 points for Gryffindor!

We had fun playing it. The game went by at a reasonable pace because we were more focused on getting cool words rather than just scoring points. We deviated from the competitive side of things for a little bit–there was some tile trading and Jason gave me ideas for a few of them (and some aren’t real words…). But here’s the cycling-related words we came up with during our game.


  • Saddle
  • Race
  • Valve
  • Rize
  • Cog
  • Velo
  • Tri
  • Kit
  • Route


  • Pain
  • Lean
  • Venge
  • Oils
  • Dart
  • Fit

Even though I had more words, he beat me by 10 points! I don’t know how much I like this version of Scrabble, considering I usually wipe the floor with him by the time I’m done.

scrabble with cycling theme

What do YOU think?

I think creating a theme for scrabble helps keep it interesting. There isn’t much to do right now — cold, winter — and we don’t really like watching TV or movies all that much. So this turned into the next best thing for us.

  • Do YOU do anything to make scrabble more fun?
  • Do you find what we did to be an utter violation of the game that is Scrabble?
  • Do you see yourself playing a “themed” scrabble?
  • What do you do when you don’t want to watch TV / movies / browse the interwebs?

9 responses to “Cycle Scrabble? Hmmm…

  1. I like it! I play words with friends a lot, which is just scrabble with an iPad. This would make it SO much more fun for me if we could modify those rules!

    Ion stead of TV (Except for the Walking Dead) I a, a voracious reader. My friends can’t understand how I can read over 50 books a year. Well it’s cuz I don’t really watch TV.

    • Yea we use to play that. Did you know they even released a WWF board game…left me scratching my head.

      Glad you like the idea!! I also loved to read. I don’t read much during the semester, but once summer hits I am either riding or reading!

      Thanks for the comment

  2. That’s pretty impressive that you guys came up with that many related words. I also must confess that I have won a number of scrabble games by using “cheap” words like “qi” to get mega points. I play to win!

    • Yea I was surprised too! And that is sooo me when I normally play. I can get VERY competitive sometimes.

      Have you ever heard of the card game “speed”? It probably goes by other names. Well, Jason refuses to play it with me anymore…I traumatized him with too much ass-kickery. Heh

    • 🙂 haha. well geez now I feel horrible! Yea, I’ve always loved Scrabble. I vary in whether I like crossword puzzles….they’re too easy for me to cheat with, and then I end up googling it all.

      And if it does make you geeky, that’s just because geeks are awesome!

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