I know why Americans are fat

I think I may have the answer to a burning issue in America right now.

When you see it...

When you see it…

Can you see it?

Do you see what I’m talking about?

Take another look at the second photo. Analyze it.

Give up? (or, if you got it and want to know more…)


I’m not sure how large or easy to read this photo is, so let me give the brief description.

We live in a pretty small apartment community. You can see the ENTIRE length of it in that picture. There is no more to it. One building. That’s it. It takes about 5 seconds to walk from one end to the other. (I counted).

And yet…we have some neighbors who find it too troublesome to walk this length in order to toss out their garbage. Instead, they find this to be a viable alternative:

  1. Walk lazy ass outside, dragging one bag of garbage behind them
  2. Place said garbage bag (a) inside car or (b) inside trunk or (c) on top of trunk
  3. Drive to the garbage bin (0.5 seconds drive)
  4. Drag lazy ass out of vehicle, grab garbage bag
  5. Toss garbage away
  6. Return lazy ass to vehicle and (a) go somewhere or (b) drive back, park, and go inside

Notice I said neighbors, as in plural. And yes. We have witnessed people driving their garbage and returning to their apartment.

What’s that? “But it’s the cold Michigan winters!” you might be thinking, in defense of these poor saps.

No. Sorry. They do it all year round.

Surely they are just old.

No. Not that either.

Well maybe…

No. Stop. There’s no excuse for this.


I rarely, rarely, RARELY ever reference individualistic reasons for social problems like our epidemic of obesity. In fact, I actually blame much larger structures for our current health problems in America (like the fact that high fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients are in E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G and that calorie-counting diet programs are somehow promoted as healthy). I’m just really annoyed with this level of laziness and wanted to vent in a humorous way… I’m sorry, but there’s no social cause here. Our neighbors just SUCK.


29 responses to “I know why Americans are fat

    • We really do have a culture of laziness. It’s the norm to drive everywhere. Escalators and elevators. Electric carts for when people could walk.

      Although, in cases like these I have to remind myself I dont know why they are using those devices.

      It could be that they have a disability that prevents them from being able to exercise and it turned into a vicious cycle of obesity.

      I know I have gotten glares from judgmental folks when I use an elevator to go one floor (and there’s an image on pinterest where someone taped a picture of stairs on the 2nd floor button). What they don’t see is my knee injury from a car accident when I was teen, and sometimes I’m just in too much pain to do stairs. I have come close to lifting up my pant leg and pointing at my scar, just so they stop rolling their eyes at me.

      Yet–I catch myself giving that judgmental stare sometimes! Crazy. we are in a culture that promotes laziness, while simultaneously condemning the individuals we perceive to be lazy.

      But, in the case of my neighbors here, it’s clearly more of a hassle for them to use a car, which is why I really don’t get it.

      • I know there are legitimate reasons for doing things the easy way for some people, but I see so many people that are slowly killing themselves and they don’t realize it. I feel bad for them but I know trying to get them to see that would only cause problems. For me, I am a twenty pounds heavier than I want to be and I have cronic neck pain, both of which I could correct, to some degree, but I have my lazy moments too.

      • You could look at my in-laws and make the same judgement. Both Mum and Dad are obese and drive from shop to shop in town. However, both have had debilitating accidents in the past, car crashes, broken backs, near fatal snake bites, dog attacks (pretty extreme really) and a myriad of scars and chronic pains.

        It doesn’t stop me from thinking that other people that are doing the same thing are terrible lazy people driving themselves to an early grave. MOST people are just being lazy. At the moment I am including myself as one of the lazy. As I am living with them I have access to a car for the first time in 13 years! This will probably never happen again and I will soon be back to a bike only existence.

  1. Or the people who sit and wait or circle for HOURS at the mall (well maybe not hours) for a close spot when there are plenty that would add 30 seconds to their walk to the store!

      • When I was in college, I lived on the top floor of an apartment complex one year. My roommates and I petition to get the dumpster slightly closer, so we could throw our trash bags off the balcony and into the dumpster. 🙂 When I worked at Kmart those many years ago, it amazed me that people just leave the shopping carts right next to their cars rather than putting them in the proper place…

      • That is a beautiful example of laziness, I love it!! I’ve been there. We only live on the second floor and have all-too-often “joked” about creating a basket to lower The Dog outside to do his business…

        I worked at Jewel (grocery store) and that drove me NUTS. Not only am I OCD about the order of how things go on the belt now, I cannot leave a cart outside of the corral (sp?)

  2. I am not exactly Captain 6-Pack so I can understand what you’re talking about and it’s something I’ve never understood. With life constantly becoming more convenient we, as a collective mindset, need to make the effort and time to get out and do what’s good for our bodies… i.e. cycling (for you and I at least). Just think, while they’re taking meds for high colesterol after having a stroke or 2 in their 50’s, you’ll be out enjoying the road and looking good.

  3. Wow, that’s amazing … driving their car in the snow to put their garbage in the garbage bin? I guess they don’t care that some of the stench from the garbage may stay in their car?

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