Shipping and Handling Included

"I'm concerned for you father...You might be overdoing this bike thing" -Dog

“I’m concerned for you father…You might be overdoing this bike thing” -Dog

Hi, that is me being swallowed alive by a bunch of boxes.  I suppose I should (re)introduce myself.

I’m Jason, Ashley’s partner. As mentioned in a previous post, I’m kinda new here. She’s been talking about me a lot, but it’s now time for me to officially join the ranks as what WordPress calls “Editor.”

My focus will be on reviews, tech-related observations, and racing.  I’m kind of a geek when it comes to that stuff.

That’s where the boxes come in.  I am currently undertaking the process of revamping our bikes.  They haven’t seen much upgrading for the last couple years, and they deserve better, so I am attempting to get them all set and ready to ride soon.  Trying to do so on a small budget is challenging, and I’ve been shopping around online and at shops trying to get the best deals I can.

You don't have to be this guy to afford good bike stuff!

You don’t have to be this guy to afford good bike stuff!

Great for our budget, but this inevitably leads to an apartment crammed full of boxes…and to a man who obediently lays on the floor while his partner tosses boxes on top of him while she takes pictures.

"I'm starting to question whether we have a 'normal' relationship," said Jason to Ashley as she covered him with boxes for a photo shoot.

“I’m starting to question whether we have a ‘normal’ relationship,” said Jason to Ashley as she covered him with boxes for a photo shoot.

The plan from here is to document my process in getting our bikes ready, while using it as an opportunity to do some reviews and explain my choices in component purchases.  Ultimately we hope that these articles will help any readers who are trying to decide what to do with their own bikes, and maybe even convince readers to pick up a wrench and enjoy working on their own bikes too.

Some of my reviews will focus on our initial reactions to the products in terms of quality or aesthetics, and will only get a more complete run through after we get some miles on them. I know at some points I had a hard time trying to find pictures of specific features or info I thought would be important for making my purchase decisions, so hopefully I can provide a more in depth view of products than what I was able to find.

It is easy to find articles about the newest and shiniest high dollar items, but our bikes will be a mix between budget parts and good quality components that get the job done for the average rider, but certainly will not focus on Dura-Ace level stuff (That can easily be found on just about any bike mag website).

Now, onto the bike room to start the transformations!


4 responses to “Shipping and Handling Included

  1. Good to hear from you, Jason. I love the way you all let us know what is upcoming … cleaning the bike room, upgrading the bikes … keeps us waiting for the next post!

  2. I like old Bikes! It seems like they almost never wear out, but keep requiring new parts. They are like old friends. I’m looking forward to your posts.

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