Cyclists Mean Business: The 2013 Bike Summit


It’s hard to look at anything related to the United States and Cycling without hearing about the 2013 National Bike Summit.


According to the League of American Bicyclists, over 800 bike geeks will be gathering in DC from March 4-6 to promote cycling to congress. I’m curious if anyone is going?

National Women’s Bicycling Forum

The National Women’s Bicycling Forum kicks off the event:

national womens bike forum 2013

  • On March 3rd there is a group ride at 6:30PM followed by a party at 8:30PM
  • The Forum is on March 4 from 9AM-4PM

It’s packed with woman-pedaled power (yes, I actually said that) with keynote addresses by Georgena Terry, Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, and Janette Sadik-Khan. All women. All kick ass.

It will come as no surprise that as soon as I heard about it, I was aching to go.

Women Mean Business

The theme is “Women Mean Business” and here’s a quick look at the program:

  • Opening keynote by Georgena Terry
  • Break-out sessions: Closing the gender gap or community-based bike advocacy
  • Bike / Ignite sessions: presentations by woman entrepreneurs and advocates
  • Lunch (included in registration fee) and Luncheon keynote about policy
  • Break out sessions: Bike shop barriers or rides/races that engage more women
  • Closing session: Janette Sadik-Khan

And, from 9-4pm

  • Women Bike Pop-up Shop — women bike entrepreneurs’ shops! Yay, fun! 
  • Why I ride photo booth

Free childcare will be provided as well. One doesn’t need kids to know that this is some serious awesomeness being delivered by the Bike Forum folks.

…And it’s how much?

At first glance, the $85 registration fee doesn’t seem all that bad (it really isn’t–I’ve been to conferences that are over $100). However, DC is a pretty pricey place to stay, plus whatever the travel costs are to get there…

That’s why they had a scholarship fund set up to help people who couldn’t afford to go. As it turns out, they had more requests than they could cover and are trying to raise more money to help low-income women and men attend the Bike Forum.

I really don’t mention fundraising on my blog. However, I really believe in making cycling a more woman-friendly community, and this is a great way to help do something to achieve this goal.


So, if you have a couple extra bucks, I encourage you to use it to help women and men attend this incredibly amazing event. You can find more details by clicking on this link.

  • Note: Fundraising campaign ends THIS FRIDAY 

6 responses to “Cyclists Mean Business: The 2013 Bike Summit

  1. Interesting – I immediately assumed you had to pay for the full Bike Summit registration to attend the Women’s Forum. The $475 League Member rate was far beyond my means of desire. 😛

    While $85 is more manageable, I will most likely not be there, which is a bummer. 😦

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