Oh, Life…sometimes you…are just. Well, you.

Hi all,

we will be back

We have disappeared from the blog world, haven’t we? (Sigh) this was not our intention and, in fact, we were really getting into being co-authors and have some cool draft posts almost ready to go!

Unfortunately, I started to enjoy blogging SO MUCH that it turned into a distraction for me. I have to get back to my work, so I can get my damn PhD! I realized that I couldn’t dedicate the time to both — blogging, and commenting, and reading other blogs and my degree.

Thank you to everyone who has commented and liked our posts–your comments have been great and it’s been really awesome to see so many people interested in our posts! It’ll serve as my motivation to get back into it once the semester is over.

J may take over for a little while, or maybe not. But either way, I will probably only be active on twitter — @womencyclists — until the summer rolls around.

ciao for now!


11 responses to “Oh, Life…sometimes you…are just. Well, you.

  1. It’s addicting I know — I did not realize you were working on your PhD — that has to come first, I agree. The workload is incredible. Knock it out of the park girl! —

  2. Blogging = Addiction = Time! So true! I’ve enjoyed your blog … and will enjoy it when you come back! Good luck with the damn PhD!

  3. Good luck! Its hard I know. I’ve been pretty sporadic with my uni work too! Got an assignment due next week and cant seem to prioritse on onlife and worklife! I will be waiting 🙂

  4. We will miss you! Having written a dissertation myself, however, I know full well how focused you have to be to get it done. Good luck with that, and hoping we’ll hear from you again when you’ll have the title “Dr.”

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