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Welcome to my blog! If you’re just now checking me out, these are the posts that I recommended you read:


I’m not unique in that I love to laugh.  I don’t like slapstick comedy, and anything making fun of certain groups of people (e.g., women, racial minorities) are unacceptable in my book. But what I do like are weird, off-the-wall jokes and sarcasm. Here are the posts that made me laugh while I was writing, and seemed to make others laugh too:

Thoughtful and Reflective

Here are some of my more thoughtful and reflective pieces. Most are related to cycling, but not always.

Challenges — Inspiration for YOUR next blog posts

Here are some posts where I write about something funny, interesting, or thoughtful…but then include a specific challenge for you to do in your next blog posts. So far, it’s been really interesting to see what others do!

Bike Stuff Organization & Storage

Hate clutter? Bike stuff tossed about everywhere? Yeah, that’s how we were until we undertook a major project to sort that out.

Product Reviews

There may be some cross posting here, because I did my best to make product reviews funny and informative. But it also seemed to warrant its own category.

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